Mount Fuji. The highest mountain in Japan.
It has been regarded as a sacred mountain since ancient times. In particular, the top of the mountain was considered sacred because Asama Ogami was supposed to be enshrined. Asama Shrine was enshrined to calm the eruption, and religion was established.
Currently, there are many tourist attractions around the foot of Mt. Fuji, and Mt. Fuji is popular during the summer season.
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Toyama Prefecture in Japan offers a spectacular view of both the sea and the mountains of Japan. The taste, variety, and freshness of the fish caught here have long been recognized. In particular, cold yellowtail, firefly squid, white shrimp, and snow crab are well known throughout Japan as Toyama Prefecture’s specialties. These fish of Toyama are produced by the blessings of the natural environment unique to Toyama Bay, which attracts many tourists to visit.


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